About Ifield Parish


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                        Yes, not only do we have our faith, we also have an
up to date AED Defibrillator.
You will be Loved as you are and quite safe with us!










St Margaret’s Church,
Is a thirteenth century building which is shown above, is where the Team Rector
and his clergy are based.

Simon                Jamie Gater - Curate     Jill-Bell
Team Rector                                      Asst Curate               Reader Jill Bell
Revd Simon Newham                    Revd  Jamie Gater


                                   If you have any questions about any of our churches, please contact the
Parish Office,  in 1 Lychgate Cottage, either by e-mail (office@ifieldparish.org)
or  Telephone 01293 537578 ,
Monday to Thursday, 9.00 am to 12 noon (answer machine at other times).

You can of course contact any member of the Clergy who will be more than pleased
to help with your enquiry.